How to use your Secateurs

Using our ratchet secateurs:

Our secateurs and loppers have a built-in ratchet system, which makes them extremely easy to use.  However, it is important to learn the correct technique in order to get the most out of your tools.

  1. Always hold the secateurs with the black blade in the upper position.
  2. For the most effective cut, place the branch or stem in the jaws at a 45 degree angle.  Ensure the branch is as deep as possible in the jaw as this gives you more leverage.
  3. Squeeze the handle until you feel a definite stop.

Do not force beyond this point.  Forcing may injure your hand or damage the secateurs or loppers.

  1. Release the pressure on the handle slowly until you hear a click.  Important – don’t open your hand too far or the ratchet will reset itself.  Only open your hand until the click and then squeeze.
  2. Squeeze the handle again until it stops.
  3. Repeat this squeeze and release action (steps 3 to 5) until you are completely through the branch.

Additional Notes:

  • The ratchet works on a progressive system – the smaller the branch the less number of pumps required.  A twig or stem should cut straight through.  The largest branches will take four squeezes for the secateurs and five for the lopper.
  • If you get stuck in the middle of a cut, do not try and force the tool out by wiggling it from side to side.  Just follow the angle of entry of the blade and lift out, otherwise you may damage the blade.
  • Do not attempt to cut branches that will not fit at least half way into the jaws.
  • 2WP recommends that you do not attempt to cut branches thicker than 19mm (3/4”) for Proprune, 25mm (1”) for Mk IIII’s, 445mm (3/4”) for Easy Loppers and 55mm (2 ¼”) for Power Loppers.
  • To ensure efficient use and a longer life for your tools, make sure you clean, sharpen and lubricate your tools on a regular basis.

And remember – the tools are not designed to be forced, let the ratchet do all the work for you!