High Reach Cutting Tools

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  1. Large Branch Saw

    Large Branch Saw

    The Large Branch Saw attaches directly to the Telescopic Pole.
    The saw attachment is specifically designed to cut thick hardwood branches up to 100mm (4") in diameter.
    • Fits on our Telescopic Poles 2076P200 (reaches up to 5 metres) or the Telescopic Pole 2076P136 (reaches up to 4 metres).
    • Made from durable SK5 steel
    • The teeth are offset, providing a smooth cut.
    • The saw has bark splitters at the ends to provide a clean cut and the 100% efficient use of the saw.
    • Innovative double safety lock system, to ensure the saw is attached firmly to the pole.
    • Saw handle attachment sold separately to enable use of saw as a hand saw.

  2. High Performance Tree Pruner Head

    High Performance Tree Pruner Head

    The 2WP High Performance Tree Pruner Head is designed with
    a 4:1 pulley system which increases leverage and power to every cut.
    • Fits on our Telescopic Poles.
    • Cuts branches up to 30mm (1 1/4") in diameter in a single cut.
    • High carbon steel Telon coated blade to reduce friction when cutting, 
      provides a more accurate cut, reduces sap build up and
      minimises the risk of disease transferring between plants.
    • Durable nylon coated pulley cord.
    • Innovative double safety lock system, 
      to ensure the pruner is attached firmly to the pole.
    • For slightly thicker branches, a light-duty saw (see Saw Attachment) is provided,
      which attaches directly to the head by a wingnut.
    • All parts are screwed together for ease of maintenance and spares.
    • For thicker branches of up to 100mm (4”), 
      use our Large Branch Saw which also attaches to our Telescopic Poles.


2 items

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