Our History

2WP was founded in 1977 by Win Pijpstra and Walter Podlesny. Initially 2WP supplied kitchen and household products, including the super absorbent, long lasting chamois block “Slurpex”. This is still available and is as popular today as it was 30 years ago.

After a few years working predominantly in the kitchen and household markets, 2WP’s focus turned to garden tools. With the conventional garden cutting tools available at the time relying purely on strength to operate, they were difficult to use, and an ineffective cutting tool for the range of wood density found in Australian gardens. This made life hard for a lot of gardeners, especially those with arthritis and wrist injuries. Realising that the Australian gardeners pruning demands differ from the rest of the world, and recognising that there had to be an alternative, 2WP developed hand operated garden tools that were versatile in their application, easy to use, durable and safe for the body.

In 1994, 2WP released the Easy-Prune, the first ratchet operated Secateur in Australia. The revolutionary ratchet design made an enormous difference for gardeners, considerably reducing the effort required to prune, while at the same time increasing cutting capabilities. The ratchet does the work through a light pumping action. Over the years we have remained focussed on being a market leader in innovation and service. Our range grew to include other cutting tools with the same ratchet system – including our popular PowerKut secateur which has a durable metal body and fully replaceable parts. In 2012 we have introduced another unique and innovative product – the DualKut – a 2-in-1 pair of secateurs with a ratchet action for the heavy pruning, and a single cut action for fine and delicate pruning.

Working directly with our customers throughout Australia and New Zealand, 2WP receives continuous feedback and we pride ourselves in fulfilling the range needs of Australian gardeners. Through continuous improvement over the past decade, 2WP have designed a range of ergonomic and extremely easy to use powerful gardening tools.

In 2011 2WP International Pty Ltd changed ownership. However, the ongoing focus has not changed. 2WP intends to remain a leader in the field, maintaining the excellent quality and reputation of the 2WP products and company. There is also a renewed vigour to grow the 2WP brand and range, with lots of fresh ideas and plans for the future success of 2WP. This includes new products, new customer service initiatives (such as our new website with full ordering capacity), and new ways to see and purchase our products.