"Thank you very much for your swift, accurate, and complete response - excellent Customer Service! 
 I have now got the secateurs going as good as new.
 I can't tell you how great it is to have something of such great design and quality, and which can be kept going indefinitely.
 The perfect excuse to keep buying your gear."  G. Windle 10th April 2015

"In December I rang up to order 2 MK6 Rose Secateurs and a Blade Kit for my MKIII.
 The lady who I spoke to was so helpful and I was thrilled to receive the order so promptly
 which I meant I was able to give one to my Mum as a gift.
 I bought the first pair of 2WP secateurs for my Mum from a Market Stall years ago and received replacement parts
 for it in 2008, we have paid to have them professionally sharpened, but purchased a new blade recently then.
 Couldn't resist getting the special Rose Edition ones for both of us." J. Hart 13th January 2015 

"I just wanted to let you know I'm thrilled with the pruner/saw and secateurs.
 I've went a bit silly around the shrubs after receiving them this morning and can't wait for Autumn to do some good pruning."
 P. Neild 13th January 2015

"I just wanted to thank you for your speedy delivery!
 I wasn't expecting them until after Christmas and it's great to deal with an Australian Company." L. Bickford 23rd December 2014

"I just received parts for my secateurs as requested. I would like to thank you again for your very prompt and
 continued exceptional after sales service." P. Vanny 22nd December 2014

"I ordered pruners online yesterday, and was amazed to find them delivered today. Thank you. I'm very pleased and
 impressed with your service." R. Sutherland 7th November 2014

"Last week I sent you a message asking about changing springs in my MKIII secateurs
 A lady kindly rang just a few hours after I sent the message and was most helpful. 
 I just wanted her to know that her advice worked and the secateurs are now working fine.
 I'm most impressed with your customer service and ability to respond so quickly and positively." A. Drysdale 21st September 2014

"Many thanks for repairing my PowerKut MKIII. I have a very week wrist and they are the only pruners I can use without pain.
 Thank you very much." C. Walton 2014

"Thanks for the speedy despatch of our order.
 The tools arrived today, which means you must have sent them the day my order arrived.
 Great service and very good looking garden tools!
 We know from experience that they'll be robust and sharp. Thanks again".  R. Gardner 5th April 2013

"Thank you for you recent email.
 My order has arrived already and I would like to compliment you on your excellent service.
 I have owned a number of your products for several years now and find them far superior to any competitors similar products I have used.
 Once again than you for your service." B. Scott  24th June 2012

"I have tried 'anvil' type secateurs a few times and could never understand why they are a thing, terrible principle and totally useless.
 Then I came across the MKIV PowerKut Ratchet secateurs by 2WP, wow, they are engineering perfection.
 I have always been a bit lazy when it comes to going back to the garden shed to get the loppers out after I had already started some
 light pruning and then come across a thicker branch that needed done. The PowerKut is the answer to my laziness as it will,
 rather amazingly, cut through branches that my normal secateurs would just get jammed on.  
 I have spent a lot of money on 'good quality and high end' secateurs in the past with results ranging from a $150 pair being about
 as good as a$10 pair to having the blade on an award winning $50 pair shatter.
 Rarely does a gardening tool come onto the market with anything new to offer, the PowerKut however offers a whole new approach to
 gardening, this is more than a nice pair of secateurs this is a proper tool, a serious bit of kit.
 The full metal body makes it indestructible and the fact you can replace any and all parts of the mechanisms (for next to no $) means
 it will have an extremely long life. I had considered buying a battery operated pair of electric secateurs because of the abundance of
 pruning I have to do on my small Permaculture farm but the PowerKut requires barely anymore effect than the electric alternative.
 I’m not sure if you can tell but I really love the PowerKut secateurs and I think everyone should try them! " D. Young 10th April 2012

“Best snippers of all time!!!!!!” B. Brenac

“I use the secateurs all the time, we have a big garden, and I do floral arrangements with our flowers. 
 I have found the secateurs very good”.  D & G Kuhme

“I purchased Mark IV secateurs last year from the Orange Garden Expo – it has been worth every cent I paid. 
 They may be a bit costly, but by a long shot they are the best I have ever owned – they really are worth it” R. Bremner

“Just a short note to pass on my thanks to you and your staff for the prompt attention to my repair.
 I was very happy that the secateurs were able to be repaired and I appreciate the supply of the spare springs and information on
 how to replace them”. B. Bates

“The other day my mum and I were trying to cut a thick branch off a tree by using a knife and we struggled. 
 Just before I was in The Glen shopping Centre and bought a pair of PowerKut secateurs and tried it out on the same branch we
 were trying to cut with a knife.  No effort was required using the PowerKut and the branch came off in a second. 
 Love the product!!" S. Hong

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